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Armored Warfare is a free-to-play multiplayer online combat shooter from Obsidian Entertainment. Early Access has been scheduled to start August 13th. Founder's Packs are currently available on the official website. This community is a collaborative resource for the game and is maintained by fans and contributors. Come join our community! This wikia is available for Adoption .


Armored Warfare is is a upcoming game from Obsidian Entertainment. It is an RPG that supports both PVE and PVP gameplay. There are five classes of armored vehicles. Main Battle Tanks, Artillery Vehicles, Light Tanks, Tank Destroyers and Armored Fighting Vehicles. The player will be the Commander of their own private military cooperation, including their own base and personnel to manage. Read More..

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Armored Warfare Narrows Map Trailer

Armored Warfare Narrows Map

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